12.24.10, originally uploaded by Paige Weaver.

so excited we found xmas colored candy corn, since I didn’t have any over halloween

Posted: Monday, December 27th, 2010 @ 7:54 pm
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  • http://fitoriblog.com Tori @ FIToriBLOG.com

    LOVE your photography! I’m really working on mine but still have a lot to learn! I’m thinking of doing a Project 52 next year and I’m planning on renting a few lenses and an external flash to play with next month to see what I should be adding to my camera bag!!


  • admin

    Thanks so much for the nice comment! I highly recommend doing Project 52 — I absolutely loved doing 365, even though it wasn’t the easiest thing I’ve done. I’m definitely a better photographer after it all!