Things I Love

I shamelessly borrowed the idea for this post from Lexa, she wrote one like this a few months back.

I love laughing so loud it turns heads. I love champagne and bourbon and stinky cheese – all cheese, really. I love cowboy boots and spray roses and slowly paging through cookbooks with beautiful photographs. I love hot showers.

I love sending inappropriate texts. I love receiving them even more.

I love friends who listen without judgment, who support without question. I love long, boozy brunches. I love sharing home cooked meals with people who have the same sense of humor and lack of decorum that I do. I love intelligence and snark and sarcasm.

I love spending a day by myself: first, coffee with cream while sitting on a patio somewhere. A morning spent at a museum, slowly wandering the quiet halls, desperately trying to recall facts about the art I should remember from college. Then perhaps to a department store, one of the fancy ones, where I obviously can’t afford anything, but admire it all, anyway. Sushi for lunch. Or maybe a salad if I’m feeling virtuous, or an ice cream cone if I’m not.

I love exploring and learning. Going anywhere and everywhere. I love to study maps, but I also love purposefully getting lost in a city.

I love spending a lazy morning under the covers. I love a day where I feel like I’ve accomplished ALL OF THE THINGS. I love using ALL CAPS to illustrate my feistiness, seriousness, or enthusiasm. I love running while sing/dancing along to music. I love accomplishing things I never thought I could.

I love traveling to big, bustling cities. I love traveling to tiny, off the beaten path towns. Drinking red wine out of plastic cups in a closet of a hotel room without a TV. Ambling through centuries-old streets, stopping every fifteen feet to take a photograph. Playing on swings in an overgrown park. Eventually ending up in a dark, almost monastic restaurant and devouring a whole grilled fish (head still on) for dinner.

I love diner breakfasts – stacks of pancakes, greasy eggs, and crispy bacon. Wheat toast with a generous smear of butter. I love driving at night – windows down, radio turned up, left foot on the dash. I love compulsively watching a television series on DVD, from pilot to final episode, all in order. I love the idea of high heels…but hate actually wearing them.

I love my blue cameo ring that I’ve worn every day since I bought it in Greece. I love the freckle on the underside of my left pointer finger. I love my nice, straight teeth and the shape of my nose, even if my nostrils are exceptionally tiny. I love that my hair can look reasonably good with no effort at all.

I love my camera. I love my family. I love cooking, but I think I love baking more. I love that I can successfully do both. I love the smell right before and right after a heavy rain. I love warm summer nights, when the sun doesn’t set until late. I love milkshakes. I love train rides and musicals and those old-fashioned brightly colored Christmas lights. I love words.

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