This I Know…

Brewvival 2013



















Red wine stains laminate kitchens counters.

A Valentine’s Day that involves good friends, heart-shaped pizza, trashy reality shows, and pink champagne is all I need.

Sriracha is good. Sriracha plus Frank’s is better.

Galoshes are the best ever protection against rain and mud.

Drinking lots of beer helps you forget how rainy and muddy it is.

You should eat some food when drinking at a beer festival for 5 hours straight.

Going to bed at 8pm every now and then is glorious and completely restorative.

Emoji can be great fun…in moderation.

Electric toothbrushes are magical and how did I live for so long without one?

I will never have a good time at Hall’s Chophouse.

Mrs Meyers Geranium products smell heavenly and make doing the dishes by hand much less painful.

Living 2 blocks from the beach makes not having a dishwasher perfectly ok.

Bangs are bomb.

paige with bangs



















Posted: Tuesday, February 26th, 2013 @ 4:13 pm
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  • Sam Null

    I see that you don’t *hate* emoji anymore :)

  • Rose

    You are so pretty! And this post is so lovely. Bravo to all of these things & more.

  • Paige

    awwwwh, thank you so much, Rose! Your comment made me smile. And here’s to hoping that I’ll post more with this pretty new blog :)

  • Paige

    Sigh, no. No more hate.

  • Nancy Davis

    Love! Love! Love…the new Moxie and Marmalade! And, love the post too! Momma~

  • Paige

    Awwwh, thanks Momma :)