This I Know…

Chips  Queso Salsa

















Filling up on chips and salsa and queso and then not having room for your actual dinner is totally acceptable every once in a while.

I’ll never be the girl with manicured nails.

…but my toenails will always have polish.

Sitting on an empty beach in the dark alone is absolutely perfect. Especially when you’re drinking red wine from a mug.

Change requires action. You can talk and think about something all you want, but you’ll remain static if you don’t do.

There is nothing like a runny egg on pasta. Or pizza. Or toast. Or steak.

Spending money on experiences is so much more rewarding than spending it on things.

I need to stop after one martini and transition to a different drink. Things never end well after multiple martinis.

Google is completely nutty for discontinuing Reader.

Vacuuming is so satisfying and by far my favorite chore.

Fresh flowers on my desk automatically make me a cheerier person.

Fresh Flowers



















Posted: Thursday, March 14th, 2013 @ 3:50 pm
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  • Olga @ MangoTomato

    this is brilliant. I completely agree with you re flowers and runny eggs and vacuuming!!! well and also about chips and salsa.

  • Paige

    Food is pretty much the best! And flowers too! Vacuuming isn’t so much the best. It’s more like the best of the worst :)