100 Things to Do in Dallas – #94 Try the Custard at Wild About Harry’s

I admit, I added Wild About Harry’s to my Dallas 100 list selfishly. Yes, I’ll endlessly argue that it’s a Dallas icon, but it also holds a big place in my heart. (We’ll look past the somewhat creepy, life-size anthropomorphic hot dog outside the joint.)

Wild About Harry's

When my family moved to Dallas from Indiana in 1998, we initially relocated to a place off McKinney. Though we had to share a room, my sister and I had the best time in that 2 bedroom apartment because we could easily go to so many places in the Knox-Henderson area. To us, in middle school, that made Dallas a very walkable city (little did we know). Along with the Highland Park Pharmacy (which is also on this list) and Froggy’s, Wild About Harry’s was one of our favorite places in the area.

Before Wild About Harry’s, I’d never had frozen custard before. I thought it would be like ice cream. And it is…but so much better. It’s much denser and creamier. I am an self-proclaimed Häagen-Dazs addict, but Wild About Harry’s beats even my Häagen-Dazs.

Wild About Harry's

Wild About Harry’s doesn’t just have frozen custard, oh no. It also serves some damn good hot dogs. When I was little I would (inexplicably) get the vegetarian dog with ketchup only. But this time around, thanks to the encouragement of my friend Sheri, I decided to be adventurous and order a Chicago dog. Any hotdog that involves hot peppers and a pickle is my kind of meal!

Wild About Harry's

It was spot on; the pickle, hot peppers, and relish provided the perfect salty and sour contrast to the rich, all-beef dog.

As for their frozen custard, my favorite flavors have remained the same over 14 years: coconut, peppermint, coffee, and German chocolate cake.

Wild About Harry's

I initially ordered a sundae with coconut custard, German chocolate custard, peanuts, and chocolate sauce, but my eyes were bigger than my stomach and I abandoned it after not even finishing half.

Wild About Harry's

…but I came back later to get my old go-to, my beloved peppermint custard in a “flat cone,” as I call them. Just as I remembered. Perfectly velvety, with a slight bite from the peppermint. For a self-appointed ice cream connoisseur, Wild About Harry’s is some of the best you can find in Dallas, hand’s down.


Wild About Harry’s  3113 Knox St, Dallas, TX 75205

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  • Nancy

    Great memories, indeed! And, fantastic custard! My favorite? German chocolate, of course!

  • http://moxieandmarmalade.com/ Paige

    You can’t go wrong with German chocolate :)