Who Am I?

hihi, I’m Paige.

I started this blog to document my experience in culinary school in New York City. But, unfortunately, I’ve only got a handful of posts to account for my time there. After graduating, Project 365 turned Moxie & Marmalade into a photographic diary of sorts. After successfully completing 365, I attempted a couple other photography projects, at which I failed miserably. Current (sporadic) content includes my ramblings along with occasional photos.


And, because I love lists, some facts about me:

  • I currently live in Dallas, TX and have two cats.
  • I’m addicted to all things social media.
  • I fell in love with Charleston, SC when I visited in April 2010 (and hey look, I ended up living for 1.5 years! Isn’t life funny like that).
  • I’m 5’11” and as a result, I mostly wear flats.
  • Sometimes my iPhone takes better photographs than my fancy DSLR.
  • I’m messy. I have a tendency to spill things on myself and whatever else gets in my way.
  • Though I was trained in health-supportive cooking, I most often bake with butter, sugar, and white flour. But I can make a mean vegan casserole.
  • I’ve lived in eight states: Indiana, Ohio, Texas, Maine, Tennessee, New York,  DC, and South Carolina (of course we use the term “state” loosely when referring to DC).
  • After going to college in Maine for 2 years (and then abandoning it for school in Nashville), I had categorically written off the Northeast. Until I found Burlington, VT.
  • I love all foods, except foie gras (it’s a texture thing), parsley (ick), and white pepper (tastes like dust).